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We have started a member's layout section. If you are a 7th division member and would like your layout posted send a brief description, some statistics and a few photos to

2015 Annual General Meeting

The minutes and addendum from the 2015 annual general meeting have been posted on the documents page.

Greg's Thanks

"Thank You!! A sincere and heart-felt "thank you" to the members of the 7th Division for the honour you have bestowed on me by naming me as the 2015 recipient of the Ross Heriot Memorial Gold Spike Award and my apologies for not being present at either of the two events this year at which the award would normally be presented. As the saying goes, there are times when "life gets in the way".

Ross Heriot Memorial Gold Spike award

It is my pleasure and honour to be able to present the Ross Heriot Memorial Gold Spike award again this year.

This award was first made in 1968, and is usually presented annually to the individual or individuals in the PNR 7th Division who have made a significant Contribution to the Division. In is appreciation of their unselfish devotion of time and effort to further the aims of the NMRA, the PNR, and the hobby of Model Railroading through assistance and service for the benefit of all model railroaders within the division.

New Executive

Welcome to new 7th Division Superintendent John Martin of Delta, BC and Assistant Superintendent Dan Rowsell of Victoria, BC. John and Dan’s contact info are on our “About Us” page.

Vancouver Train Expo

Vancouver Train Expo is history. Some 4,500 people attended the public show in the new venue, the PNE Forum in Vancouver B. C. over the two days November 7 and 8, an increase of about 67 percent increase over last year’s attendance (2,700), which was up 35 percent from the previous year (2013). In addition 110 modellers registered to attend the 7th Division meet and associated activities, up 25 percent from the previous year. The committee are to be commended on a great job.

Achievment Program

Mike Chandler MMR is the new 7th division achievement program representative.

New Editor

Please welcome member John Stevenson of Vancouver who has volunteered to take over as your new Bulletin Board Editor from Adrian Noble. Effective immeditaely please send all material for potential publication in the BB to John at: jstevenson@telus.net

The deadline for material for the next issue (May/June 2015) is MARCH 15, 2015.

Please help John fill the pages with your photos and short articles about model railroading in your area. Without your input the pages will be blank.

New website

This is the new 7th division website. It doesn't look much different than the old site but I plan to add and improve it. The difference is that this website is now hosted on it's own hosting plan under the control of the 7th division executive. This means that if I get run over by a Royal Hudson then someone can carry on.
All feedback is welcome so send your comments to me Brian Clogg

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